Twitter:a tool that is too evolutional to be used by human beings

Twitter is very popular internet service in Japan these days.
The reason for its popularity, I think, is it's usability for Japanese people.
Many Japanese use mobile phones, and can write their "real" action in the Japanese language.
And, it's an important thing I think. Twitter is very suitable for Japanese language.
If you use English, you must write "mountain"(8 alphabets).
But Japanese write only "山"(1 character).
Twitter has limit on character-count at 140 characters per post.
It is a very delightful tool.
But it makes many troubles by people who don't have "media literacy".
Someone tweeted about his drunken driving, cheating, and other antisocial problems.
Another person tweeted rumors or hearsay.
Their twitts and behaviors were exposured by many people all over the world.
Everyone began to say that twitter is only "dematter"(tool of making false rumors) or a means to detect idiots.

Madoka-Magica:the magic girls

Many people buy and sell "doujinshi"(=fan books) about Japanese "anime" and "manga" and other characters.
In this summer, the best selling "douzinshi" genre was "Madoka-Magica:the magic girls", I think.
"Madoka-Magica:the magic girls" is a story about 5 magic girls who fight against "Majo"(=witches).
They fight using various magical items, like guns and spears.
But the girls' battles are equal to fight what is clearly their destiny and fate...
Akiyuki Sinbou, the director of this anime, is very popular among otaku for his stylistic cutting.
Gen Urobuchi, screenwriter, has maniac fans for his "bad-end" game stories.
Ume Aoki, character designer, is a famous Manga artist for her pretty pictures.
Gekidan Inu Curry, animator, has a individual sense and make awful scenes.
Aniplex, official producers of "Madoka-Magica", sold production notes(weight:2kg price:\5000) which sold out in one hour at Comike.
Many other fan books were bought and sold, and many people enjoyed this summer's festival and "high strategic information warfare".



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