Twitter:a tool that is too evolutional to be used by human beings

Twitter is very popular internet service in Japan these days.The reason for its popularity, I think, is it's usability for Japanese people.Many Japanese use mobile phones, and can write their "real" action in the Japanese language.And, it's an important thing I think. Twitter is very suitable for Japanese language.If you use English, you must write "mountain"(8 alphabets).But Japanese write only "...

Madoka-Magica:the magic girls

Many people buy and sell "doujinshi"(=fan books) about Japanese "anime" and "manga" and other characters.In this summer, the best selling "douzinshi" genre was "Madoka-Magica:the magic girls", I think."Madoka-Magica:the magic girls" is a story about 5 magic girls who fight against "Majo"(=witches).They fight using various magical items, like guns and spears. But the girls' battles are equal to fig...



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